How long is the free trial?

The free trial for an  Membership is 14 days. On the 15th day, you will be charged your monthly fee of $20. Then, your monthly payments will recur on the same day of every month.

If I cancel my membership, do I still have access to my a la carte purchases?

Most definitely! We stand by our old model of “buy it once, keep it forever,” before Membership was introduced. This means that if you ever sign up for an  Membership and cancel, or choose not to sign up for a Membership.

How do I download workouts for offline access?

You can download all of your saved series and classes onto your iOS and Android devices for offline access. To get our free app, head to Apple’s  , App store or Google’s  Google Play store and search.


On which devices can I watch my workouts?

You can watch your saved workouts on nearly any deviceDesktop or laptop computer by heading to our website iPhone and Android phone via our free app iPad and tablet via our free app

If my institution enrols, does it mean that I get my session for free?

It depends on our agreement with your institution. Some institutions decide to pay 100% of the session cost while others require a co-payment from the final beneficiary.

Can my session be anonymous?

Yes, when the consultant has that option available (most of them do). At the time of booking with the consultant, please tick the appropriate box

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