Instructor: Nitin Kaushik
Category: Weight Loss
Price: $ 40

Nitin is an international yoga teacher, who born and raised in India. Nitin grew up surrounded by a community submerged in health and fitness. His love for fitness, sports and the physical world led him to surfing and in his 20s he began practicing yoga. He felt an immediate connection to the practice, launching him into his current path as a teacher. After finishing his post graduation in yoga he moved to Vietnam to serve his teaching skills with 6+ year experience of teaching yoga. Nitin's classes will challenge you, make you sweat, and push you to the next level. Today, his style melds a unique blend of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow. His emphasis on alignment and pose integrity allows students to safely deepen their practice and build full body strength and control – all while gaining a rich understanding of traditional yoga postures. He is passionate about spreading his love for yoga and helping people in their journey by sharing his journey.

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Regular practice of Yoga and controlled life style reduces obesity (weight is reduced). Yoga makes human being agile, efficient and slim. Yoga is suitable for people in any age group. Yoga helps achieve control over mind and behavior (one can easily control food habits and change life style to reduce the obesity.)

Yoga promote flexibility and relaxation. You feel good after a hard workout. This workout targets all the major muscles of the body, including those that are chronically tight like the chest, shoulders, back, arms, hips, and legs.


Class Schedule : 06/06/2020 06/28/2020 View Schedule
Class Timing : 8:30 am 60 minutes
No. of Peoples 1 20
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